Climbing in Canyonlands National Park

A unique weather window provided me and my climbing partner an opportunity to take a drive along the White Rim Road, in Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, Utah, in order to climb several desert towers. All in all, we drove about 140 miles of rough 4WD road and climbed 3 significant towers in 3 days, all the while not coming into contact with a single human. Pretty remarkable for a National Park that usually gets quite crowded during peak tourist season. Exploring this rugged and remote area without other people around made it a very enjoyable adventure. Continue reading

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Yellow Ribbon Dog

A few years ago I adopted a dog from the Humane Society. At the time she was a four month old heeler mix. We promptly got signed up for puppy classes in the following weeks. Like many heelers, she was a solitary dog that didn’t like to interact with other dogs much. At the dog park she would run around with a tennis ball in her mouth the whole time instead of interacting with other dogs. On one unfortunate day at the dog park, she was running around with a tennis ball when another dog tried to take it. The incident broke out in an all out dog fight leaving my dog with many puncture wounds and a split up her side. Continue reading

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The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail, 500 miles in length, begins at the mouth of Waterton Canyon in Littleton and passes through six National Forests, six wilderness areas, eight mountain ranges, and several historic mining towns before ending at Junction Creek Trailhead in Durango. Some travelers complete a portion of the trail via hiking, horseback, or cycling, but others choose to complete the trail in its entirety. This summer, Jax employee Erik Van Lieu was one such “through-hiker.” Continue reading

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Red Feather Lakes National Forest

By Brandon McDonald A three day stay in Red Feather Lakes National Forest was well worth the stay. The views were beautiful despite all the burned trees and it felt great to be somewhat isolated from civilization. The picture is… Read More Red Feather Lakes National Forest

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Watercross Racing

My adventure in watercross racing began last year. I race stand up models of personal water craft (PWC). My first set of races was last year in Kansas at the Mid America Shootout at Hillsdale Lake. Coming from a family of racers, it was time for me to begin racing. I went in without expectations and had no idea what was about to happen. Although I have only just recently started racing, I have been riding PWCs for 19 years. This was my first amateur competition on a PWC. It turns out I smoked the competition in every race and qualified for world finals in one trip to Kansas. Continue reading

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Leadville Heavy Half

By John Perkins “You’re better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can do” is what I read on the back of a runners shirt in front of me as I waited anxiously… Read More Leadville Heavy Half

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3rd Annual Mount Rainier Trip

If you have read my past two Rainier blog posts you might already know that I have climbed the mountain three times and summited twice, all on the Disappointment Cleaver route. This year I was ready and excited to go up the Emmons Glacier on the northeastern side of the mountain. I was nervous because it is more remote and basically a large steep glacier with many crevasses that you must circumnavigate to summit. My husband, climbing partner and now seasonal climbing ranger assured me that we could make a safe summit attempt. Continue reading

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This Baby Can Hike, Bike, Camp and Kayak

Admittedly, having a kid changes things. All of a sudden your schedule is run by someone else and you have to carry wayyyy more stuff to do anything. However, having a little one by your side in the great outdoors can be one of the most rewarding adventures of all.

After my daughter, Sierra was born, it took some time for us to get back in the swing of our usual adventure loving lifestyle. Our first trip out in her Deuter child carrier (which I bought even before she was born!) was a hike to Horsetooth Falls. I’d heard horror stories of kids hating their child carrier, but she instantly loved it. My heart gushed with how cute she looked strapped to her dad’s back. I was hoping the added weight on his back would slow him down. I still couldn’t keep up! Continue reading

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Learning to Love Outdoor Cooking

By Stacy Brothers Through Iowa State University here in Ames, individuals aged 50 or older who wish to continue to expand their knowledge in a wide variety of topics may attend classes organized by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. JAX… Read More Learning to Love Outdoor Cooking

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Climbing The Oracle

The Oracle is one of the major Fisher Towers, along with Echo Tower, King Fisher, Cottontail Tower, The Titan, and Ancient Art. The first ascent in 1970 by Harvey Carter and Steve Kentz produced the route Fantasia (5.10- C2 R). Since then there have been two other routes put up on the formation, Beaking in Tongues, and Beak to the Future, both of which involve very hard aid. Though Fantasia is the easiest route up The Oracle, it is not a route for the faint of heart, and as of spring 2013, had only seen approximately 11 ascents since 1970. The Oracle was to be Noah and Brian’s fourth major Fisher Tower to be climbed. I was invited to come join in on the fun as the third member of the party. Continue reading

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