DIY For The Beginner Welder

by By Erin Keeney About two months ago I saw a post on Facebook about a gal that was selling horse shoe wreaths that she welded together, painted and sold for a pretty decent profit. Looking at the picture I… Read More DIY For The Beginner Welder

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Benelli Take It To The Max Goose Hunt

One of my favorite aspects of working in retail is connecting with people. Working with customers on a daily basis you get the chance to hear someone’s story and hopefully outfit them in a way that will put them in a position to add to their story and create great memories. Winning the Benelli Take It To The Max Goose Hunt and getting to take the customer with me was exactly that type of opportunity. Continue reading

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Wet & Wild Wonderland Trail

by By Ashley Vander Meeden After months of training (or half-way training), Terri and I made the final preparations for our 3 day adventure. We were planning on running (that was the original plan anyways) around the entire Wonderland Trail,… Read More Wet & Wild Wonderland Trail

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Bad Day on the Lake

On a hot July summer day I decided to go fishing with a co-worker. He had a john boat with a motor that we have used many times on Boyd Lake. This was an exciting day since he had just received a trolling motor for his boat. We got to the lake and started to put the trolling motor on the boat. Since we were fishing we did not have any tools except for a Gerber multi-tool. I took the tool and started to tighten the nuts. As I was tightening the nuts, we both noticed something fly up in the air and fall into the lake. We both looked at each other and and said “what was that?” Oh well. I went back to tightening the nuts and noticed that the multi-tool was missing part of the pliers. Weird, that must have been what flew in to the lake. I set my tackle box in the boat behind the rear captain’s chair. Opened it up and took out a pair of needle-nose pliers that I had to remove the hooks from the fish easily. I finished mounting the trolling motor and we were ready to go. Continue reading

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Biking To Work – Employee Profile

I spent most of 2011 biking into work and continue to today. After my car began giving me problems in February I decided to put off fixing it to force me to ride into work more often. This had a few benefits like saving money, putting on training miles for a big ride I was planning to do, and polluting less. I could take the bus if the weather was bad enough or I needed a day to recover. In the beginning there were a lot of recovery days with a 22 mile round trip from Boulder to Lafayette. Continue reading

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Meet Our Jax Team Member – Mimi

My love for horses began around the time I was 5 days old, I grew up around horses literally my entire life. My two older sisters and I spent much of our youth participating in the Westernaires. This non-profit youth organization teaches self- respect, leadership, and responsibility through horsemanship and family participation. Moving up to different levels each year, I graduated from the Varsity Red Team, which is the highest rank within the organization, and known as the world’s best equine drill team at speed. Continue reading

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Bahamas Fishing Adventure

In the world of fly fishing, there is nothing that can compare to casting a fly to a fish in 12 inches of crystal clear Caribbean water. Last month Matt and I were lucky enough to have this opportunity for twelve full days of epic salt-water flats fly fishing. Continue reading

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Climbing in Canyonlands National Park

A unique weather window provided me and my climbing partner an opportunity to take a drive along the White Rim Road, in Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, Utah, in order to climb several desert towers. All in all, we drove about 140 miles of rough 4WD road and climbed 3 significant towers in 3 days, all the while not coming into contact with a single human. Pretty remarkable for a National Park that usually gets quite crowded during peak tourist season. Exploring this rugged and remote area without other people around made it a very enjoyable adventure. Continue reading

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Yellow Ribbon Dog

A few years ago I adopted a dog from the Humane Society. At the time she was a four month old heeler mix. We promptly got signed up for puppy classes in the following weeks. Like many heelers, she was a solitary dog that didn’t like to interact with other dogs much. At the dog park she would run around with a tennis ball in her mouth the whole time instead of interacting with other dogs. On one unfortunate day at the dog park, she was running around with a tennis ball when another dog tried to take it. The incident broke out in an all out dog fight leaving my dog with many puncture wounds and a split up her side. Continue reading

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The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail, 500 miles in length, begins at the mouth of Waterton Canyon in Littleton and passes through six National Forests, six wilderness areas, eight mountain ranges, and several historic mining towns before ending at Junction Creek Trailhead in Durango. Some travelers complete a portion of the trail via hiking, horseback, or cycling, but others choose to complete the trail in its entirety. This summer, Jax employee Erik Van Lieu was one such “through-hiker.” Continue reading

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