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by A man, a plan, a canal, Panama! Ok so none of my plans include canals, or Panama, ( I just like palindromes) but I thought I would take a minute to share what I have determined to be my… Read More Plans

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Storming the Castle

When the plan first came about it was going to be a quick relaxing desert excursion over spring break. We would do a little climbing and a lot of wandering around in Canyonlands National Park enjoying the severity and beauty of desert life. That changed when I invited Taras. We settled on the North Chimney of Castleton. It sounded perfect a 4 pitch 5.8 that was well established and had a relatively short approach. So we got up pre-dawn and cruised through the desert avoiding all the deer that come out of nowhere in the wee hours between Canyonlands and Moab. Continue reading

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